We need new calendars for the new year.  I've been doing this for the past several years, collecting as many calendars as I can get my hands on.

It's truly amazing to see all the unique calendars sent in every year by our loyal WFMK listeners.  Here's the best part, every calendar sent in is completely different from all the others.

We get car calendars, State of Michigan calendars, great outdoor calendars, and one year someone dropped off a calendar brought back from Russia!

If you have any new calendars for 2015, please send them in to:  Danny and Monica, 3420 Pine Tree Rd. Lansing, Michigan 48911.  You can also stop by the WFMK studios and simply drop them off when you get the chance.  Thank You!

One more thing, most people want to know what I do with all of these calendars.  I look at every one of them, hang some of them up, and give some to my co-workers.  I save all of them just to appreciate the different types of calendars out there.