Danny and Monica's spooky Halloween stories are back and we invite you to listen to each and every one of them.   Halloween is one of our favorite holidays.

We started these stories about ten years ago right here on 99.1 WFMK.  These stories, read by Monica Harris, are some of the scariest stories you will ever hear on WFMK.

My job is to provide all of the scary sound effects, which includes the soundtrack music from the movie Halloween, which by the way was number one at the box office this past weekend.

Danny and Monica's spooky Halloween stories are read every morning at 7:40 all the way up to Halloween day.  In fact, when Monica reads these scary, haunting stories, I actually get goose bumps myself. These stories are so compelling, that you actually feel your heart racing not knowing what's going to happen next.

Every year around Halloween time, WFMK listeners ask us, when are you going to start the Halloween spooky stories?   The time has come and you need to hear every one of these spooky, scary, blood curdling stories every morning on 99.1 WFMK!

Another riveting Halloween story tomorrow morning at 7:40 with Danny and Monica.  Sometimes when Monica reads these stories, they make my skin crawl with fear, goose bumps, and even to the point where I even feel like I'm in the story!

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