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Dandelions, those yellow plants that pop up in our yards, and many of us pay good money for companies to kill them off, are not a weed instead they are considered a 'superfood'.

Find out the health benefits of eating dandelion at healthmore.com 

In all my years of cooking and recipe reading I have never seen  one for cooking with dandelions.  Apparently I am missing out.

Growing up, my Uncle always made dandelion wine, and yes it tasted as bad as it sounds like it would.  That was the first time i had ever heard of using dandelions for anything other than seeing if someone liked butter (childhood reference).

My father-in-law grew up eating dandelions, as kids they would go out into the yard and pick them and then they were made into soup or a casserole.  Those recipe's were not handed down to the next generation.

My daughter Carson has been telling me that dandelions are a great source of nutrients, some say even more than kale.

The only way i have ever had dandelions was in wine, and it was horrible.  Now dandelion tea is a cup of goodness for your body, apparently.  According to Healthline.com, drinking dandelion tea helps you reduce water weight, is beneficial to liver functions, and helps with skin and eye problems.  The tea can act as a natural coffee substitute, nope, no sir, not buying that one.  Another use for the tea is as a weight loss option.  A recent study, this comes from Korea, states that the tea works like a weight loss drug Orlistat, the two have similar effects on the body.

If you are considering cooking with dandelions rather than paying a lawn service to spray them dead in your yard, go on line.  I was blown away with how many different recipes using dandelions, that I found after a Google search.

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