This haunting has nothing to do with murder, suicide, lost lovers, or anything morbid. But it IS a haunting, nonetheless, one that the staff of the Dam Site Inn relishes in, and so do the customers.

The building that is now the Dam Site Inn in Pellston was once a mess hall that fed the area's lumberjacks as far back as the late 1800's. It was bought by the Efting sisters, who already owned the Maple River Inn right across the street. They were famous for their chicken & noodle dinners, and it was whispered behind closed doors that they also profited from illegal booze during Prohibition. It was also a nightclub in the 1940's called "The Clubhouse".

It is one - or more - of these sisters who is believed to haunt the inn to this day.

Customers claim to have witnessed the strange figure of a woman in white (possibly a wedding dress) who enjoys spending time in one of the upstairs bedrooms. This apparition has been seen sitting on the bed and standing at the foot of it. 

But the bedroom isn't the only place where odd things happen.

The "N" dining room has its share. There is a particular table in that room where diners have been touched on various places of their bodies by something unseen. Apparitions that appear to be female also have been seen in the "N" room; it's an easy room to identify, as it's the one you step down into (when you stop, ask a staff member where the 'haunted table' is).

The Dam Site Inn is a favorite place for traveling Michiganders. Not just for the excitement of possibly experiencing something paranormal, but it's a great place to get a bite to eat, and the countryside is gorgeous (SEE PHOTOS BELOW). Find out more about this awesome Michigan stop by CLICKING HERE.

Visit on your next Michigan roadtrip!

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