When I first moved to Lansing and started to explore the area visiting different restaurants and businesses, I was amazed at all the amazing artwork and murals here. So many talented local artists in Michigan. One memory I have from the first week I moved to Downtown Lansing is that I watched daily as a local artist painted the mural at the Capital City Market. Every day he added a bit more till it was finished. Really enjoyed watching him create a masterpiece.

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A Great Field Trip For All

Before the snow flies, you should take your friends or family and check out all the great artwork in the downtown area. Check out some lunch places and maybe grab a beverage and see how incredible Lansing is and how it is getting better all the time!

Downtown Is Growing and Better Than Ever

The Downtown and District areas have truly grown and are such fun places to live. I love living down there. These street artists have made and will keep the city of Lansing more and more beautiful and keep this city a great place for folks to come and visit.

We are blessed to live in such a great city and state.  Michigan has so much to offer and it's so fun living in the mitten, plus everything is a short drive away.

Here are some of the best murals Lansing and local artists have to offer.

Some Of The Most Beautiful Murals in Lansing

There are so many great things to see when you're cruising Lansing. There are great restaurants, architecture, and of course the murals painted by talented local artists. Yes, we are very lucky to live in such a great city and state. There is always something fun to do, eat, and see.

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