This little Michigan village in Emmett County is considered a ghost town, but to me it just seems like a very small village.

Cross Village's highest population was 1,000. The first priests arrived in the area way back in 1691; the mission was abandoned in 1775, and a few years later - in 1799 - a cross was finally erected overlooking Lake Michigan...the cross is still there (SEE PHOTOS).

It took until 1840 before some buildings were finally erected: a church, house and cooper shop. Over time, there was a school, two sawmills, grist mill, three general stores, shoe shop, blacksmith, post office, three churches, flour mill, supply store, saloon, lumber camp and a few others.

In 1877, the population dwindled to 2000, the population was way down to 294. Today only a handful of original structures dot the town, with mostly newer homes.

If you drive thru someday, look real hard along some of the backroads & side roads...You may only feel like Cross Village is a tiny town...well, it is. But it's still considered to be one of Michigan's ghost towns, even though people still live there.

If you stop, visit the Legs Inn, still in operation after opening in the 1920's.

There's a handful of old buildings, homes and structures you can search for...including some old 1800's houses built by Native Americans that may still be standing.

Cross Village is right along the "Tunnel of Trees" roadway.
It's an historic site that you can add to your next Michigan roadtrip!



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