South of Eaton Rapids at 9740 Kinneville Road stood a creepy old house. Not much is known about it, aside from the fact that many curiosity seekers visited the house in search of something spooky. The exact year when the house was constructed is not even known, other than it was built in the early or mid-1800's by a farmer named Calvin Hale.

It's believed the house was a stop on the Underground Railroad, thanks to the findings within which included a kitchen trap door. Also, when searching around inside, there seemed to be no access to the attic. While attempting to chainsaw a way into the attic, it was discovered that the ceiling was just loose boards, seemingly as an attempt to hide the fact that there WAS an attic. Upon entering, it appeared that the attic was one place where runaways would hide out.

There is no documentation that says this house was part of the Underground Railroad and now it'll be nearly impossible to find any, as the house was demolished in 2014, even though a former owner confirmed that runaway slaves did indeed seek shelter there.

I think some archaeological digs should be made there to see if any artifacts could be uncovered. No plans to build on the property and no plans to sell it, so why not? Maybe it'll set records straight.

Check out the photo gallery below to see many pictures of this house...
...and to see the location.

Drive by sometime.

Check out more details in an article by the City Pulse by CLICKING HERE.


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