I didn't even know what creeping charlie was until I asked our WFMK listeners for help today.  Creeping charlie is often called ground Ivy due to its appearance and growth habits.

Creeping charlie weed is a green vine whose leaves are round with scalloped edges and has a small purple flower.  So this thing called Creeping charlie is all over my front yard and I need to get rid of it!

It is a vine that grows close to the ground and will form a mat-like ground cover if allowed to.  The vines have nodes at each of the places where leaves grow and these nodes will form roots if they come in contact with the soil.

Based I what I've read so far, the only weed killers that are successful at killing Creeping charlie are weed killers that contain dicamba.  Even dicamba is only successful if applied several times at the right time.

Most all home owners, including myself, appreciate a beautiful lawn throughout spring and summer.  I want to be on the cover of Better Homes & Gardens with a beautiful picture of my lawn without this Creeping charlie plant anywhere in sight.

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