Been such a tough year and a half for restaurants and bars across the country and especially here in Michigan. The sad news is some had to close, but hats off to the restaurants and bars that managed to work hard and find ways to keep their business open.

The big challenge these days is finding good employees that will stick around and come to work every day.  Some restaurants like Leo's Lodge had to close a short time to search for new employees. I go there quite a bit and enjoy their food.

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So here is the deal, Restaurants costs are rising quite a bit, and profitability is going down and not the way it was 2 years ago. Many positions still need to be filled and financial conditions need to get better according to

Though we have to remain optimistic and support our local restaurants and bars in Michigan, here is the scoop.

What a Restaurant Survey reveals

A nationwide survey reveals from restaurant owners and managers that the industry may see more problems in the fall and winter, and normalcy is likely months away.

4,000 restaurant folks took the survey last month given by the National Restaurant Association (NRA).

News out of Michigan was not good for the hospitality side either. The Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association released Michigan data that shows it may be a while before we see a big improvement.

As we approach Michigan’s fall and winter seasons and see consumer trends move away from in-person dining due to colder weather outdoors and concerns about the Delta variant, the recoil impact to the restaurant industry will be harsh, swift and very concerning," Justin Winslow, president and CEO of the MRLA,  said in a statement.

Let's Get Out And Support Our Local Restaurant and Bars

So let's get out and support our local restaurants whether it's dine-in or carryout here in the Mitten. Helping our friends and neighbors as well will help us all recover from the pandemic faster.


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