Free parking is something that is being talked about in the city of East Lansing but it is to help businesses in the area not just because its annoying to park. According to WILX, East Lansing like the rest of the state is going through a slow reopening and one way they thought about helping businesses is to have free parking all around the city. The city council is going to have free parking run through at least the end of June and could be extended longer. This is great not only for restaurants but also for other businesses in the area as you won't have to worry about paying for your spot, you'll just have to find a spot which is a little easier in the summer.

The free parking goes along with East Lansing's other plan of creating outdoor 'food court zones' that would allow for social distancing and also help out restaurants increase their business.

The next few months will be a slow way back to business but East Lansing is showing that they are trying to give their businesses any leg up they can. The free parking idea along with outdoor "food court zones" will definitely help businesses maintain business since it will probably take a while for people to want to dine-in again. You can see more about it here.

What do you think will outdoor food court zones and free parking make you want to go back to downtown East Lansing? Or there something else they can do? Tell us by using our app, and using the "CHAT" feature.

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