With everything going on surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak and its subsequent restrictions, insurance providers and practices turn to "Telehealth."

Personally, I think anyone and everyone could benefit from a little bit of therapy and I know many people, myself included, who see a counselor regularly.

With offices closing their doors and social distancing guidelines in place, many worry, from providers to patients alike, how to keep up.

According to Crain's Detroit Business, many insurance providers, social workers, case managers, psychologists, counselors and more are shifting to Telehealth care.

"We applaud the decision (by MDHHS) to approve of the use of a wide range of telehealth approaches to serve Michiganders and their families with mental health needs while preventing COVID19 contagion," said Community Mental Health Association of Michigan CEO, Robert Sheehan 

I currently do my counseling through Pine Rest, based out of Grand Rapids, and was able to do my session on Friday via a "telehealth" appointment and it was incredibly easy with either audio-only or video-chatting options.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Priority Health have lifted requirements on copays for telehealth services, though the waiver only covers medical sessions, not behavioral.

Though there is still work to be done on where patients who were getting care through facilities that are now shut down (schools, for example), Medicare beneficiaries are also now able to receive telehealth services.

If anyone is having a major mental-health emergency, there are various websites, apps and hotlines that can put you through to an available counselor as needed.

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