Michigan's COVID-19 cases are simply going through the roof. Michigan just hit a record seven day average of 12,442 reported cases of COVID-19.

It's so bad right now that one out of a hundred people have tested positive for COVID-19. That's why so many students and staff members are staying home during the next several weeks.

My wife who works at Michigan State University most likely will have to work from home at least for about a week and a half, depending on how everything goes in the upcoming weeks.

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According to mlive.com:

The state had never surpassed 10,000 cases-it reached a peak week last week with 8,402 a day-but hit 12,442 a day in the week ending Monday, Jan. 3. In August, moving into the fall surge, the state was reporting that many cases per week.

I just started wearing my mask recently and plan on doing so until the COVID-19 numbers drop significantly.

I personally know a few people who have been recently diagnosed with COVID-19 and are currently quarantining at home.

It's so bad in Michigan right now that Michigan State University students will go back to online classes beginning January 10 until further notice.

Mlive.com also tells us:

The peak case numbers come as the highly contagious omicron variant makes its way about the state. AS of Monday, there had been 289 confirmed cases in the state, up from 75 last week.

COVID-19 testing sights are extremely busy right now with the latest surge in Michigan hitting a record seven day average.

We've been going through this coronavirus pandemic for two years now with no end in sight. Some experts say it could last for at least three years.

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