An Arizona Postal worker went to extremes to get attention to what they say are deplorable conditions that they have to work in.

One worker contacted her local Representative and showed her how hot her truck got while delivering the mail. In fact, this Postal worker even cooked a steak on her dashboard; the steak was cooked medium, which means it has an internal temperature of 142 degrees. Yes, it was that hot!

In the letter written to her Representative, the Carrier said that the mail delivery truck reached an average of 128 degrees, so along with cooking a steak on the truck's dashboard, they could cook an egg as well. They could go all in if they wanted to and turn it into a food truck as well as a postal vehicle with how hot it gets in there.

When you can cook meals on your car's dash, it is too hot to be working in that vehicle. Along with mail carriers, UPS drivers have been affected as well, with a couple of carriers even getting hospitalized for a few days.

The Arizona Representative wrote a letter to the Postal authorities in hopes of getting some action taken to ensure the safety and well being of their employees.

I have worked in factories where it gets super hot, but that is crazy! Maybe they can find a cookbook on cooking in your car, that way they wouldn't have to stop for lunch.

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