This renovated sign is smack dab in downtown Concord and has been photographed many times by outsiders and tourists as well as the town residents.

Most people get a kick out of it and have even gotten out of their cars to pose underneath it. Why not? It's a roadside attraction/oddity!

Mail Pouch chewing tobacco was an extremely popular chew in our part of the country for many years, created by Sam Bloch and his brother in 1879. Bloch had a grocery store and the two made extra income by making & selling their own cigars. Instead of throwing out the cigar clippings, they added some flavor to ‘em, bagged them, and sold the bags as Mail Pouch Chewing Tobacco.

Mail Pouch is still around and remains very popular to this day.

Since this signage in Concord has been around for a couple of decades, the tobacco company has probably heard about it by now.

Obviously, they got a kick out of it.


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