My wife and I love watching the Detroit Tigers baseball team.  The last time we both went to a Tigers game at Comerica Park was about five years ago.

In fact, we haven't really gone anywhere ever since the coronavirus pandemic began back in March of 2020.  So a trip to Comerica Park is long overdue for both of us.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Detroit Tigers fans will have the chance to get back into Comerica Park soon.

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The Detroit Free Press tells us limited sales to Tigers games have already begun.  Just under 8,200 seats, about 20% of Comerica Park's capacity, will be sold.

Several changes to mitigate the spread of the virus are in place as well including cashless purchases, mask requirements, no neck gaiters or bandanas, and a gameday wellness survey that must be completed by each fan.  (Detroit Free Press)

I don't have a problem with any of this, I just want to go to a baseball game and get out of the house.  My wife and I love it when we first get to Comerica Park.  We walk around a little bit, go inside the park, buy a couple of hotdogs, chips, two cold ones and then we find our seats and watch Detroit Tigers baseball.  There's nothing better!

According to the Detroit Free Press, paper tickets will not be sold, per a team policy in place since 2019.  All points of sale will require cashless payment methods.  Reverse ATMs will be installed at Comerica Park ahead of the home opener.

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