A while back I posted about the great American Museum of Magic in Marshall...the largest one in the world! And then someone reminded me that we also have the "magic capitol of the world" here in Michigan...in the small town of Colon.

Colon has "magic week' every summer where magicians from all over the world congregate; people from all over Michigan come to Colon every August to participate and watch in amazement at all the magicians and their feats of magic! Colon has three magic shops, a magic theater and the Lakeside Cemetery where 30 famous magicians have been laid to rest, including The Great Blackstone.

Colon also manufactures magic tricks and magician supplies that are used by magicians all over the world! Not bad for a little town that roughly has a population of only 1200 people.

This is a DEFINITE stop to make on a Michigan roadtrip.

Check out ALL the latest news & happenings going on in Colon for the year by checking out their website...just CLICK HERE to find out more!!!

To see and hear MUCH, MUCH more on this great little Michigan town and to see the graves of 30 famous world-wide magicians that are buried in Colon, check out the videos below.




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