Opening day for Capri Drive-In's 2022 season will be April 1st. No fooling!

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The official first day of spring for 2022 has already come and passed. There are many things we Michiganders look forward to with the changing seasons including the opening day for drive-in theaters.

Coldwater's Capri Drive-In announced its opening date for the 2022 season on the first day of spring. While the shows for opening day have yet to be announced, April Fool's Day 2022 will be the opening day for the Coldwater drive-in movie theater.

Movie fans still flock to drive-in theaters. While there are far fewer than decades ago, many drive-in theaters have seen a renowned interest and attendance in the years since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is something special and nostalgic about going to a drive-in theater. While I love seeing a good action movie in an IMAX format, I love being able to talk to my friends if I need to without disturbing others.

For those that find the temperature to cool or warm in theaters, you'll likely enjoy being able to control the temperature of your vehicle should conditions become too hot or cold. Plus on a nice day, nothing compares to watching a great film while enjoying a comfortable Michigan evening.

Capri Drive-In first opened in August of 1964. The same family has owned and operated the theater since that day. When Capri first opened it only had one movie screen. It wasn't until 1986 that a second screen was added. Many advancements and upgrades continue today while the charm of its early days remains.

There are several drive-in theaters in Michigan. Check out the list below to find the one nearest you.

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