Cold out, ain't it?

Well, for those of you who INSIST that this is the coldest it's ever been in Michigan, you might wanna mull over these recorded statistics:

The coldest, recorded Lansing temperature was 29 degrees below zero. And NO, that does NOT include wind chill. Factor in wind chill, and you could be talking possibly 20 degrees lower. This temperature didn't happen that long ago...1981, in fact.

But what's the all-time coldest temperature in the entire state of Michigan?

That occurred in 1934 in the northern Michigan town of Vanderbilt, an Otsego County town we've all passed many times in the past when we travel the highway north of Gaylord. That town holds the record at 51 degrees below zero...and THAT is without wind chill as well.

That last statistic makes this week's minus 14 degrees seem like a summer breeze!

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