The tavern once known as Rob’s Place in Oxford seems to be begging for some paranormal investigators to come in.

Located at 13 South Washington Street, the establishment is now called the 24th Street Sports Tavern.

According to the owner and several employees, there are quite a handful of spooky occurrences. The bathroom doors slam open & shut by themselves, glasses fall off shelves, and the volume on the jukebox keeps increasing and decreasing on its own.

The Highland Ghost Hunters say there’s a tunnel in the basement that was part of the Underground Railroad, where runaway slaves would hideout on their way to freedom. On top of that, an entity of a white-haired man dressed in a Union Civil War uniform occasionally is seen at the top of the basement stairs.

It could be worth a trip over there, to talk with employees and get more info. Ask for an investigation if you make it there!




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