If there's one thing I look forward to every winter, it's the City Bowling Tournament at Lansing's Royal Scot.

Most all local city teams participate in the team event which will be February 8 through February 10. The singles and doubles will take place February 11 and 12 at Royal Scot.

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This local tournament does require an entry form to qualify before it begins on February 8.

It's a fun tournament to participate in because if you do well, there's a good chance you'll win money from the USBC of Lansing.

My Tuesday night bowling team will participate in the city tournament in February and we're all signed up for singles and doubles.

It really doesn't matter if we end up winning money form this tournament, but it certainly adds an extra bonus to all Lansing area bowlers.

My wife and I are going to be partners in the doubles portion of the city tournament on February 11 at Royal Scot.

About three or four years ago, we actually placed in the top 10 in doubles and we both won some prize money. We didn't place last year, but we're hoping to do better this time around.

I would like to wish all local city bowlers good luck this year as we all prepare for the city tournament in Lansing. I would also like to thank Royal Scot for doing such a great job keeping the city tournament so well organized.

I certainly enjoy bowling and what this fun game is all about, and I would like you to watch the video below which actually shows you an unorthodox way of bowling. I think you'll enjoy this video.

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