Trillions of cicadas will soon be emerging out of the Michigan soil – and just be forewarned: you should avoid them.

You will hear them as they make that loud buzzing noise in attempts to attract a mate. They will be clinging to your plants, bushes, and trees...and you might be tempted to go out there and see how they perform their mating rituals.

Not a good idea.

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NO, they won’t get mad like bees and attack you...they don’t care if you watch them or not. You need to steer clear of them – especially if there is a big swarm of them. The bigger the swarm, the more likely you will get peed on.

That’s right. Showers of pee. Cicadas are known for feeding up to 300 times their weight in plant sap...and when they urinate, it doesn’t come out in tiny droplets. They pee in high-powered jet streams, just like humans and other mammals. Standing under a tree full of cicadas will get you drenched, and that is no idle joke. They pee and pee and pee...jet streams of pee that can reach ten feet.

Two different species of cicadas will be coming out of the ground in 2024: one has a 13 year cycle, the other is on a 17 year cycle...and all they want to do is mate, eat, and pee.

In 2014 a Georgia Tech study reported that "all mammals more than six or seven pounds take an average of 21 seconds to empty their bladders." They even came up with a name for it: the Law of Urination.

The cicada defies what science believed for many years; that they peed in droplets. And they are SO excited to learn otherwise, that cicadas pee just like you and me. Except where it takes us an average 21 seconds to go, the cicada pees a quick jet stream in about one second.

Remember that old song that goes “Don’t sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me?” Right. Don’t sit under that tree until the cicadas are gone.....otherwise you’ll get peed on.

Still don’t believe? Take a look at the video below and see this amazing footage for yourself!


Cicadas Will Pee on You


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