There's a little intersection not far from here that intrigues me:
N. Martin Rd. @ E. State Rd. in Barry County.

Why? Because at the southeast corner is an old abandoned one-room schoolhouse and right across the road is a real old, dilapidated, deserted church (SEE PHOTOS). To be fair, I'm only guessing that these are from the late 1800's, cuz they sure look like it.

There aren't any shops, stores or businesses in the area but it appears to have been part of a village at one time. But which one?

A mile east is the Warner Cemetery...was there an old forgotten village named 'Warner' or is it just named after a family?

The closest towns/cities are Vermontville (8 miles east), Hastings (7 miles west) and Woodland (7 miles northeast). Some sources claim this area as part of Woodland, some as part of Hastings...I don't know. Does anyone?

But what I DO know is that this is a cool place for some photo ops. These old buildings are part of Michigania that will probably be torn down someday for one reason or another...that's why I always urge readers to seek out these sites and take pictures, selfies, video, etc. before they are gone forever.

Remember, some structures are private property, enjoy their historic beauty from the road.



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