In Hillsdale County is a road that is said to be haunted…kind of like Hatchet Man Road near Kalamazoo.

Church Road is a dirt road out in the country, about eleven miles east of Hillsdale.

The rumored haunting comes from a tale about a man who lived in an old barn down the road. He killed his family, then did away with himself, similar to the Hatchet Man Road story. Thrill-seekers who have driven down that road at night have seen red eyes glowing at them from the dark. In fact, one of the videos below has a clip that the videographers claim shows these red eyes.

Others stories say that you may see red eyes following you alongside the road as you drive…or, if you roll your windows down, you can hear footsteps running alongside your vehicle. Basically, the whole stretch of Church Road, as well as the old barn, are rumored to be haunted.

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One time some kids were attempting to have a party somewhere down the road and an Amish man came by with a pitchfork and chased ‘em away. According to an interviewee on, “Driving back from a party rather late at night, we were driving slowly through the road because it was dangerous, and then all of the sudden we noticed a car close behind us that was not there before. We sped up and were like, ‘woah, that was freaky.”

People seem to continuously go down Church Road in an attempt to experience something paranormal…and it doesn’t seem to be letting up.

Some reports say the dilapidated barn where the murderer lived is still there.

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