After doing a couple of posts about Hatchet Man Road, I decided to test it out for myself. A buddy of mine and I paid a visit to Hatchet Man Road around midnight (the official name of this all-dirt road is 22nd Avenue but nicknamed "Hatchet Man Road" due to the creepy facts & legend behind it).

This dirt road is a patch of 28th Avenue (named 22nd Avenue), between M-40 south of Gobles and 9th street near Kalamazoo; crossing over Campbell Creek.

The legend states that in the 1980’s, a man built a bomb shelter on his property in order to protect his family. He was already paranoid and to make things worse, he coaxed his family to move out of the home and into the shelter. Being cooped up with the fear of impending world-wide doom, he grabbed a hatchet and wiped out his entire family.

People who purposely travel down that road at night have had strange things happen to them and their vehicles. Certain visitors have claimed: cars idle at high speeds, vehicles stall for no reason near the creek, a CD adapter flew out of the dashboard, flashes of orange, gold & red lights, human shadows crossing the road & peeking from behind trees, ghostly white shadows that appear & disappear in the woods, automobiles that appear & disappear, headlights that go nowhere, moans and more. One person wrote that bright headlights chased him down the road; he pulled into a driveway to turn around and the pursuing vehicle had vanished.

So knowing all this, a buddy of mine and I drove over to western Michigan to test this for ourselves. WHAT HAPPENED?

1) Our car shut off at the creek bridge.
2) I saw a dark human-shaped shadow walking down the side of the road...when we approached, it was gone.
3) Headlights appeared behind us.
4) A car we thought was ahead of us disappeared.
5) A sound of whistling seemed to come from the woods.

I've included photos below to show you some of these things that happened while we were there.

Wanna test it for yourself?

Once again, it’s the part of 28th Street (named 22nd Avenue) that crosses over Campbell Creek in a dense woodsy area south of Gobles and west of Kalamazoo.

Take video if you can…

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