Back in the summer of 1979, I took my annual trip to Mackinac Island with a couple of buddies. Little did we know, that coincidentally, there was a movie being shot at the Grand Hotel at the same time. That movie was “Somewhere In Time” starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. We didn't know this until we visited the Grand (back then, you could just walk in – now you are restricted).

Once we found out they were making a movie, we hung around a little while and were able to watch them shoot a couple of scenes in the lobby. The next day, we were walking up Market Street toward the Grand, when who should come toward us, riding bicycles? It was Christopher Reeve along with his then-girlfriend, Gae Exton. We kept walking as they got closer; as they got just a few feet away, Reeve looked straight at me, right in the eye. I assume he was thinking “I hope they don't stop me for an autograph”...and we didn't...but saying that he and I made eye contact is a cool anecdote.

While Reeve was on the island, the Mission Point Theatre was coincidentally showing another Reeve film, “Superman”. Reeve was attending one of the showings (I'm sure the audience members were in awe) when the sound went out. As the movie continued without audio, Reeve stood up and began reciting the missing lines for the audience! This incident has been verified by some of those who were in attendance. According to J.D. Loeks, whose family runs Celebration Cinemas, “This is one of those legends in our company history that has been validated by a few people over the years.....the pieces that we’ve put together that we know are true.....Christopher Reeve was on the island filming ‘Somewhere in Time,’ and he was in the auditorium watching ‘Superman’ with the island staff.”

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Also, the Mission Point Theatre is featured in the film “Somewhere In Time”, showing Reeve sitting and watching Elise (Jane Seymour) performing. His seat has a commemorative plaque so it's easy to find and have a selfie taken...

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