Baseball is a game of tradition, but when it comes to ball park cuisine, all bets are off.  The Lansing Lugnuts have been in the middle of the unofficial food war in the minor leagues since their inception in 1996.

Chef Kevin Jackson has brought his own flavor to Cooley Law School Stadium, introducing new dishes, chicken shawarma and Greek nachos, to Blue Olive, a Mediterranean stand down the first base line.

During the 2016 season, the new funky item on the menu was the chicken and waffles.  Basically, a waffle cone filled with mashed potatoes and boneless fried chicken wings topped with maple syrup and honey mustard.

According to Lugnuts Food and Beverage Director John Thompson, who has worked for the Lugnuts for nine seasons, the team must take calculated risks in deciding what goes on the menu.  If a product doesn't move at the rate they hope, it's replaced with something new and fresh.

The goal is to get a little bit of everything on the menu.  Here's more from the Lansing State Journal.

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