CHESTONIA is a Michigan ghost town in Antrim County’s Jordan Township.

The town was settled in 1874 when Thomas R. Van Wert moved his family to the area. Chestonia Township was organized later that year.

In 1876, a post office named ‘Chestonia’ opened in Jordan Township,  just a little ways outside the northern Chestonia Township border.

Chestonia received train service from the Detroit and Charlevoix railway. The village was surrounded by land owned by the East Jordan Lumber Company, which was supplying the community with jobs and capital until the timber depleted. The post office shut down in the 1960’s.

Aside from the train depot and post office, Chestonia had a general store and not much else except a few scattered houses. Today, the site where Chestonia once stood is located at the junction of M-66 and E. Old State Road.

All the original structures are gone, but a drive to where this once-upon-a-town stood is still enjoyable for historians and those who now know a little bit about it.



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