Michigan still has a number of drive-in theaters…and a good one is the Cherry Bowl Drive-in in Honor, Benzie County, west of Traverse City.

It’s a classic drive-in that opened on the 4th of July, 1953 on US-31. It is one of eight remaining drive-in movie theaters in Michigan and the only one in the upper part of the Michigan Mitten.

It has a great concession stand with all the drive-in movie food you’d expect:
Chicken Strips
Cotton Candy
French Fries
Hand-Dipped Caramel Apples
Hand-Tossed Pizza
Hot Buttered Popcorn
Hot Dogs
Ice Cream
Soda Pop

Okay, you don’t wanna leave your dog at home while you go to the movies? Pets are allowed at the Cherry Bowl, as long as they are well behaved, on a leash, and you are responsible for cleaning up their poop.

There is also mini-golf to play while you wait for the movie to start, volleyball, and a play area for the kids to keep them amused.

Cherry Bowl is only open for the summer season. I remember some drive-ins open all year, with in-car heaters…but for some reason, that concept deteriorated years ago.

Lawn chairs are welcome
Campers and RVs welcome
Admission by the number of people, not by the car load
No alcohol, weed, or drugs

You can find the Cherry Bowl at 9812 Honor Highway. Many vacationers that head that way can enjoy a bit of nostalgia by visiting the Cherry Bowl. Enjoy a flick in the vehicle, and some of that concession food that always ends up on the ground, the floor, or the car seat.

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