So with all of this COVID-19 stuff going on, do you have any questions? Yeah...I'll bet you do. I know I have questions. Lots of questions...

And you want to know what one of the biggest questions would be? Is the mask I'm wearing really working? Is it really effective? I don't know if you ever wonder about that stuff, but I do. I mean with all of the Coronavirus stuff going on and all of the uncertainty it's easy to second guess this stuff. Well if you really think about it, it's really easy to second guess just about everything these days about the virus.

To be frank, I bought a bunch of masks a month ago that were made by a company that makes ummm...well...underwear. Yep. I was at a department store and there they were...shining like a beacon in the night in an otherwise dark COVID-19 world...20 masks for 10 dollars (I think. I can't remember the exact price but it was a good deal) and I bought them.

But I still have to wonder even if I'm wearing masks made of the same material that they make underwear from, is it good? Will it protect me? Heck...I don't know.

Now according to the Lansing State Journal, there are places that you can't go if you aren't wearing what is considered the proper type of face mask and one of those places is the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort.

If you are wearing a bandana, gaiter or a mask with ventilation valves that will not cut it at The Eagle. And hey, you have to applaud them for doing what they think is best for their customers.

Here's what I'd do...Go buy some underwear face masks. They seem to be okay everywhere so far...But just be sure to wear them on your face...

Oh yeah...and get more info here from the Lansing State Journal...

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