Looking back, I remember a time when Michigan had the most golf courses of any state.  That was a pretty amazing thing, considering you can't golf in our state year round.  You can golf year round in Florida and that is why they are now the state with the most golf courses, coming in at 1,250.  Florida is followed by California, Texas, New York, and Michigan is in the number five spot with 650 golf courses. That might not seem like a lot, but when you consider our state has 83 counties, 650 golf courses is a lot.

In Michigan we do have some of the most beautiful golf courses, many of those courses offering spectacular views of Lake Michigan.

For a full list check out A Guide to Beautiful Michigan Golf Courses from Michigan.org. 

Harbor Shores Golf Course, located in Benton Harbor in Southwest Michigan is a Jack Nicklaus designed course.  I have not had the opportunity to golf there, but I am told there is a magnificent view on the 7th green that overlooks the dunes out to lake Michigan. Hopefully the view will take the sting out of any bad shots you might have.

A beautiful spot in Northern Michigan is Garland Resort in Lewiston. I have golfed their course in the summer and it is beautiful. The course is carved out of this wooded area and it is both peaceful and beautiful. Garland Resort is also amazing in the winter where you can snowshoe and cross country ski in that beautiful setting.

Arcadia Bluffs remains one of my favorite golf courses.  he views from the course of Lake Michigan are awesome. I would say that this course is pretty tough, others would call it 'challenging.'  Regardless, it is beautiful.

The Legend Course at Shanty Creek was designed by Arnold Palmer. The course in Bellaire has amazing views, and, in my case, those views helped take away the sting of my very bad game of golf

The beauty of Michigan can be found on our many golf courses from the U.P. all the way down state to Southern Michigan. Grab your clubs and give them a chance.

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