It really doesn't matter how much you love a sports team, going to a game always comes with some complaints, it might be parking, or the crowds, or if you are a Cleveland Browns fan, the price of a beer is ridiculous.  One beer at a Browns game costs about the price you would pay for a 12 pack at the store.

Finally a few forward thinking teams have decided that their fans pay enough for game tickets, parking, food ect...., so they are lowering the price of a cold brew.

Just this week, the Detroit Lions announced their new 'Silver Savings' program with all day low prices on beer and beer food combos.  Example, $12.00 will get you a hot dog, beer and chips combo.  Ford Field is also expanding the "DTE Energy Power Hour'.   That means for 60 minutes after the door open, fans can grab even better deals on drinks and grub.  Better deals like $3 beers, $3 cocktails and even lower on speciality drinks.

Having been to many NFL games and having seen first hand the affects of to much drinking, I am predicting more fights in the stands with cheaper booze available.

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