One of Mid-Michigan’s most notorious haunted places just happens to be in the heart of Charlotte.

The Eaton County Courthouse was constructed from 1883-1885 at the intersection of Cochran and Lawrence Avenues. It was the main seat of Eaton County Government for approximately 91 years and has been at the same address  for 134 years.

It should be no surprise that a building this historic would encompass many baffling incidents and manifestations. A good list of incidents have been witnessed and reported by visitors, renters and employees.

Reputable people, including employees and visitors, have reported bizarre noises, disembodied whispering, apparitions that appear and disappear before your eyes, furniture being moved, footsteps, voices, and more, most of the time taking place in the upstairs areas.

At times, these noises were thought to be caused by someone who had broken in; but after several visits by the Sheriff’s Department, with no uninvited mortals found on the premises, the causes have remained “unofficially undetermined”. Some believe the spirits of some former convicted felons linger, either not being able to find their way to the netherworld or hanging around to pay back the living for mistreatment they endured in life.

Decades ago, the twenty courthouse rooms included a judges’ chambers, courtrooms, employee offices, and holding cells. Those who have rented space over the last few decades have also experienced the same kind of strange happenings. Shadow figures that are seen out of the corner of the eye, and conversations with a woman who vanishes once you turn away. Weird lights have been seen floating down hallways, one of them even being captured on video.

According to the book, “Spirits Rising: Haunted Travels of Michigan” the authors write about a ‘black mass’ they saw hovering outside a courtroom on the second floor: “the darkness was not in the form of a person but rather a very shapeless form that blocked the light momentarily”.

The building is now on the register of National Historic Buildings and has been renovated into a museum, so visiting and/or touring the courthouse is not impossible.

There are many, many other instances of paranormal activity within the courthouse. This is only a tip of the iceberg...

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