Can I be perfectly honest with everyone? There was a time when I honestly wasn't sure if I liked cats or not. I grew up in a household of dogs because we flat out loved dogs.

But then years later, a stray cat wandered onto our driveway on Miller Rd. in Lansing and he was so friendly that we decided to keep him.

That was the best decision ever because now I know why millions and millions of people love their cats. Some say that humans and cats are a match made in heaven.

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According to, there are 7 amazing reasons why humans are so fond of our feline friends. For example:

1. They speak to you. When a cat meows, that's their way of communicating with you. You can just use your own imagination as to what your feline friend is actually saying. My first thought would be, "where have you been all day, I'm starving to death."

2. They are cleaning machines. Yes they are. You have to admit that cats take really good care of themselves and they are very clean.

3. They're chilled. The total opposite of hyper dogs. Cats are cool, calm, and have everything under control. Sometimes I think they are more easy going than most humans. How do cats stay so chill?

4. Petting them feels so good. That's a given. I find it very relaxing when I pet my cat. I love it when my pet cat purrs while being pampered. It not only helps me relax, but cats love it too.

5. They're good for your physical and mental health. I really believe that cats are good for our health. Cats are very affectionate with those they love. Humans and cats having been bonding for many years.

I've had roughly three cats in my lifetime and I loved every one of them. I had a cat back in the early '90s and I named him Elvis. He was an 18 pound beautiful black cat that I really bonded with.

I really enjoyed all the fun times with Elvis, even though I had to put him down because of kidney issues. He was a great companion!

Check out the singing cats:

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