Holy cow…..a medieval castle complete with drawbridge, secret passageways, stone towers, trap doors, and more…..sits in Oakland County. Worth a few million dollars.

Chump change, right? I WISH!

This mammoth structure is, according to a realtor, “as close to a modern-day representation of a European castle as you can probably imagine.”

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Living in this thing could definitely bring out the kid in you…well, in me it would. I’d be imagining I was some kind of swashbuckling knight (or are pirates the only ones who swashbuckle?) rushing up the coiling, corkscrew stairway up the tower and onto the roof to fight a fire-breathing dragon and save a damsel in distress. Or maybe I’d just go up there and eat a corned beef sandwich…who knows.

The structure (realtors still call it a ‘house’ but refer to it as 'LeBlanc Castle') is sixty feet tall, contains sixty tons of steel, is surrounded by a small woods, sits atop a hill on six acres, has artwork, wrought iron fence, hidden doors leading to hidden rooms, fake walls…..and even one of those bookcases you see in the movies. You know – the ones that push open to reveal a secret room behind it…..like the one Moe got his head caught in when Larry and Curly tried to close it? Yeah, that’s the type.

It’s almost as if it had been built as part of a movie set, but nope…it’s meant for being a residence. The castle has been around awhile, built in 1990, so it’s not some old historic place…but it IS cool.

Just when you thought there was nothing else to know about this place, there’s more: Waterfall, portcullis, 26 rooms, elevator, five fireplaces, six furnaces, six air conditioning units, wine cellar, Tudor-style pub, and humidifiers. It even has a moat. The castle took six years to build at a cost of over ten million dollars.

Now you gotta have a quick look inside. The gallery below takes you through a brief tour!

Medieval Castle in Oakland County


Helmer Castle, Jackson

Abandoned 'Witch's Castle'

Miners' Castle Caves

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