Carlisle lies in Kalamo Township, Eaton County.

The town began when Charles Moffat constructed a sawmill in 1837 and began a lumber business.

The mill was purchased by Oliver Hyde, who proclaimed the town as 'Hyde’s Mills'. E.D. Lacey became the next owner of the mill until he moved to Charlotte after becoming county register.

School was taught in the private home of Mrs. Peter Wilson in 1840 until the township’s first schoolhouse was built in Carlisle.

Finally, the town received its own post office sometime between 1843-1850 and was dubbed ‘Carlisle’.

Again, it’s becoming an old story, but when the timber ran out, so did most of the businesses and residents.

The post office shut down in 1903.

The town of Carlisle still exists, even though some maps don’t list it. You can find the former downtown of this little burg of Carlisle at the junction of Carlisle Hwy and Lacey Lake Road, with the old schoolhouse and church just a ways east on Carlisle Hwy.

Carlisle Hwy is not a road you'd want to take your vehicle down, as it's a dirt road with hundreds of could ruin your shocks. However, if you want to see the old church and schoolhouse, you will have to take it. Otherwise, take M-79 west out of Charlotte and turn left (south) on S. Lacey Lake Road.


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