That is exactly what is happening in a Detroit suburb.  Madison Heights has declared what basically is a non spanking zone in many public places.

No spanking zones in Madison Heights include City Hall, library’s , Police stations and recreation areas.    Signs have been posted that call for 'Healthy kids, Safer Communities..No Hit Zones'.

The City Council voted , with a 5 to 1 result, that really goes against the age old belief, spare the rod spoil the child.  Councilman David Soltis says that the resolution carries no penalties for parents who may give an unruly child a swat on the behind.  The hope of those behind this  "no spank zone' is that parents will think twice about how they discipline their child.

This 'resolution, says Soltis . defines a "hit free zone" where "no adult shall hit another adult, no adult shall hit a child, no child shall hit an adult, and no child shall hit another child".

Not everyone is happy with this, but it is a 'resolution' not a law.

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