Let me start out by saying "I HATE RAKING LEAVES!" There just has to be an easier way of getting rid of all those fall leaves that just consume your front and back yard.

Experts actually tell us that leaves not only add nutrients to your plants, but your lawn as well.

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I make it so simple every fall by not raking any leaves. I just mow over them several times until the leaves become very small particles which actually blend right back into the soil of my own lawn.

And it's a fact that leaves are a natural fertilizer for your lawn and plants. That's why I say no more raking leaves and no more leaf blower.

According to usatoday.com:

“The leaves fall around the root zone of these plants, where they do things like suppress weeds or other plants from growing that would otherwise compete with the trees and the shrubs,” he said.  “They slowly break down and compost right there at the base of the of the tree of the shrub, right above its root zone, where they return nutrients that the plant can then recycle and reuse next spring.”

One thing you should keep in mind as you tackle your leaf bagging or mowing project, you don't want to get rid of every single leaf, and there's a good reason for it, courtesy of usatoday.com:

“So what happens if you get rid of every last leaf on your property? You’ve just swept away and bagged up and thrown into the landfill the food source that the birds are going to need to feed their babies,” Mizejewski said.

My best advice to you as a home owner, don't spend countless boring hours raking all those obnoxious leaves, just mow over them until they become particles in your lawn.

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