The opera house in Calumet is reportedly one of upper Michigan's most notorious haunted spots. It's one of the most beautiful - and at the same time, most creepy - theaters in Michigan (see photo gallery below).

This palace opened in 1900 and eventually became a favorite of many film stars, who traveled to upper Michigan to attend live shows and plays. In the 1910's & 1920's such celebrities as Lon Chaney Sr., Douglas Fairbanks Sr., Sarah Bernhardt, composer John Phillips Sousa, Frank Morgan (who, years later, would be the 'wizard' in the 1939 version of “The Wizard Of Oz”), Lillian Russell, Jason Robards, Sr., silent cowboy actor William S. Hart, Wallace Beery, Noah Beery and many others performed at the theater (from the 1930's – 1950's it became mainly used to show motion pictures, as movies were keeping people away from stage performances).

One of the celebrity performers was Madame Helena Modjeska, who passed away in 1909 at the all-too-young age of 68.....and it's said that her ghost is one of the spirits that haunt the theater.

According to, The first known 'appearance' of Madame Helena's ghost was reported in 1958 while actress Adysse Lane was performing onstage; Adysse forgot her lines and happened to look up into the balcony. There, she said, she saw the figure of Madame Helena who began mouthing the lines to her. Adysse was able to finish the play thanks to the ghostly help from Madame Helena.

Since then, patrons and employees have reported seeing the form of Madame Helena roaming the theater, feeling cold spots and hearing music that comes from nowhere.

But Helena is not the only apparition that is said to roam the opera house.

In 1903, a man was murdered in the theater whose ghost is seen from time to time and is heard screaming in the dead of night. Also, there seems to be the spirit of a little girl – by the name of Elanda Rowe - who died mysteriously at the theater whose screams are also heard.

But is that all? NOT BY A LONG SHOT.

In 1913, the historic Italian Hall Disaster took place on Christmas Eve. The hall was packed with families and many little children for the Christmas Eve party & celebration, with gifts, food, candy and entertainment. Some idiot - possibly someone who had been drinking too much – hollered “FIRE!” which set off a panic. The hundreds of people who were in attendance panicked and ran to the only exit staircase available...this led to many people tripping, falling, suffocating, crushing & being the time the panic was over, the death toll was 70, most of them being children.

The worst part was.......there was no fire.
It was a prank.
And they never caught the guy who did it.

The deceased were transported a block away to the opera house, which is nowadays the oldest section of the present Calumet Theatre. Some feel the spirits of the deceased children can be heard: laughing, playing.....and screaming.

To read more about the historic Italian Hall disaster and to see a picture of that fateful staircase on, CLICK HERE.

Lots of paranormal activity reports come from the present-day Calumet Theatre. The theater is still open so you won't have any trouble visiting and exploring for yourself. Check out their website by CLICKING HERE.

Then go visit...and take video! The address is:
340 Sixth Street, Calumet, Michigan.

Don't forget to check out the photo gallery below!

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