The tiny town of Cadmus was established in 1887, in Dover Township within Lenawee County. It was organized intentionally as a station stop along the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railroad, later called the New York Central RR.

It became more than just a railroad stop when Frank Potts built and opened the first Cadmus store. The following year in 1888, the post office began operations with Peter W. Gander as its first postmaster.

L. McLouth & Son owned and operated one of the finest creameries in the state, and it happnded to be in Cadmus. The Cadmus Creamery churned out pound after pound of sweet cream butter; over 200 pounds a day from March to October, down to 100 pounds a day in the four colder months, November thru February.

Aside from the general store, depot, creamery, and post office, Cadmus had a church, schoolhouse, and cemetery. There were a few other shops & stores as well.

Only a few old buildings still stand, including the old post office building, on the corner of W. Cadmus Rd. and Benner Highway. Few are empty.

Located about eight miles west of Adrian, Cadmus sits waiting for your visit.
Why not take 'em up on it?



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