A Burger King in Sweden and Denmark have hit advertising gold.

An AD Agency in Sweden came up with the brilliant idea to use the firing of Ronald McDonald in their Halloween ad campaign.  They resurrected the old slumber party game of Bloody Mary and put a twist on it.

Quick refresher, the Bloody Mary game came out in the 1960's and to play you would stand in front of a mirror with the lights off and say Bloody Mary 3 times, then she was supposed to appear in the mirror.   The restaurants installed voice recognition and two way mirrors across a selection of their restrooms in Sweden and Denmark.   Burger King's twist has customers standing in front of the mirror in the restroom and saying "cancelled clown, cancelled clown, cancelled clown". then the lights go off, and an eerie clown appears in the mirror.   It is not Ronald, but a clown that is a bit more scary.

It's brilliant, pure advertising genius.  This  is only happening at the fast food restaurants in those 2 countries .  What do I have to do to get Burger King in Mid Michigan to start this ad campaign. I tell you what, if our area Burger King was to do this, there would be lines out the door, and I would be first in line. This is just so perfect for Halloween and you get a free Whopper.  I nominate my Burger King in Holt, its centrally located,  and, well its close to my house in Holt.

Burger King has started a promotion here in the states that they are calling 'scary places'.  This has people going to closed McDonalds in certain states, and once there they do a drive by and can get a coupon for a free Whopper.

Burger King insists this is a fun jab at their competitor,  just last month they got on social media and started answering some customer complaints across McDonalds social media outlets with funny, silly answers and then they gave them a link to get a free Whopper.

  Speaking of the 'Canceled Clown' campaign, the marketing director for Burger King Sweden says "The clown doesn't seem to be happy with the way things ended.  But we hope he finds his peace and can move on to bigger and better things."

Agreed!  Best of luck Ronald and Burger King....well played my friends, well played.

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