According to the Lansing State Journal, customers came out to Bubble Island in East Lansing to buy their favorite bubble tea drinks one last time on Saturday.

On Thursday last week, the store's management posted a facebook message and a flyer at its front entrance announcing the East Lansing location near Michigan State University is closing.

This may sound crazy but I didn't even know a thing about Bubble Island until I heard that they were closing. I've driven through East Lansing many times and have never seen this place!

Bubble Island in East Lansing opened in 2004 as a bar alternative for MSU students. It was the only store specializing in bubble tea at the time.

The fact that the store was closing on the day of the rivalry football game between MSU and U-M also seemed to be a sore subject.

The store has about 10 to 15 employees who will receive severance pay.


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