When was the last time you visited the Village Creamery in Brooklyn, Michigan? I remember going to this place way back when it was called Dairy Queen.

The whole thing started out as a Dairy Queen close to 70 years ago. Now it's known as the Village Creamery, located at 140 N. Main St. in Brooklyn.

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If you're not familiar with the Brooklyn area, neighbors include Jackson, Adrian, and Albion. I've been to Brooklyn countless times over the years because my wife and I have friends who live in that area.

The Village Creamy is celebrating 70 years of service and most recently, changed ownership. The new owners took over in November of 2021 and they just opened it for the summer just a few weeks ago.

According to mlive.com:

Wanting to move closer and bring more investment to Brooklyn, they found property behind clothing shop they hoped to use to add rentals to the area. However, they were joyfully shocked to find the ice cream shop was part of the deal for the property, Bieda said.

The new owners of the Village Creamery are very excited about possibly making a few new changes, but most likely everything will remain the same. Their goal is to keep all customers happy.

I think it would be difficult for my wife and I to own a local creamy because we wouldn't be able to keep our hands off the product, if you know what I mean.

The Village Creamery is now open in Brooklyn and it's worth the drive to get everything from shakes, hand dipped ice cream, to even ice cream sodas.

My wife and I have some vacation time coming up in July and there's a good possibility we'll be making our way to the Village Creamery!

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