Brockway Mountain Drive makes a perfect place to travel on your Michigan roadtrip.

It’s a nine-mile drive across the northern-most part of the Keweenaw Peninsula. The short trip begins at Silver River falls and ends up at Copper Harbor. Along the route you’ll see the Silver River, the Upson Lake Nature Sanctuary, awesome views of Lake Superior at some turn-arounds on Brockway Mountain, more nature sanctuaries, many breathtaking views (including the Brockway Mountain Lookout), and it winds up at the Copper Harbor Marina.

It’s not only beautiful, but historic. It’s the highest drive above sea level in the country from the Rocky Mountains to the Alleghenies.

Not just that, but this area is known for being a terrific place for spotting the migrations of eagles, hawks, falcons, and many other birds of prey. This occurs every spring.

Take a look at the gallery below, then add this to your Michigan roadtrip…you won’t regret it!



The Lighthouse of Monarch Butterflies

Sand Point Lighthouse, Escanaba

Remains of Edsel Ford's Retreat

The Original Tiger Stadium

Michigan's Giant: Big Louie Molainen, 1888-1913


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