Ever since those sexy photos from the set leaked a few weeks ago, we've been dying to see Britney Spears' video for 'Perfume.' The clip finally arrived today (Dec. 10), and it's even sexier -- and sadder -- than we had thought.

Directed by Joseph Kahn, the video shows Britney at her most vulnerable, singing her lovelorn ballad about insecurity.... and breaking our hearts in the process. The clip co-stars hunky Alexander Kjellevik as her lover. The two are seen frolicking together in a variety of places, including a pool at nighttime and the rooftop of a motel.

They also lounge on a bed in various states of undress (he's shirtless, she's in lingerie) as Britney sings the poignant lyrics directly to the camera. How she manages to not stare at Alexander's abs we will never know!

Speaking of rocking bodies, Brit also shows off hers as she stands in a bathroom wearing only a bra and panties. Then again, it might not even be our girl -- her office has been spotted searching for a body double!

Everything looks wonderful until almost the 2-minute mark of the clip, when Britney catches a text from another woman on her man's phone. It all goes rapidly downhill from there, with the other woman then taking center stage with her beau. Wait -- or is it Britney that's the other woman? Watch it above, and you decide!