The little town of Boon sits in Wexford County’s Boon Township.

Before it became platted as ‘Boon’ in 1888, the community is believed to have once been named ‘Unitilla’ around 1876. It was a stagecoach stop with a hotel, lumber manufacturer, and post office.

The Toledo, Ann Arbor & Northern Railroad came through Wexford County in 1889 and with it, new settlements, towns, and villages were platted. ‘Boon’ became one of the railroad stations in the Unitilla area. Boon’s post office began operations on December 19, 1889.

By 1890, Boon had an approximate population of 600. Thanks to the supply of hard maple, Boon was a prosperous lumber town boasting three sawmills and eight charcoal kilns.

As with most Michigan lumber towns, the growth stopped when the timber ran out. However, Boon survived and remains a small community, tucked away all by itself in the Wexford County countryside. It would make an interesting addition to your roadtrip!



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