How many Michiganders over the age of 25 did NOT go to Boblo Island? Not too many, I'm guessing. This awesome amusement park opened in 1898 and ran until it finally closed down for good in 1993. Even though it's on Canadian land, it was our own version of "Coney Island" and it was a wonderful place for the family to visit.

Aside from the obligatory midway rides, Boblo had a dance hall, "bumper boats," zoo, miniature golf and more fun stuff.

I remember going there as a kid and riding the ferry over. In fact, the boat terminal in Detroit is still standing: empty, windows broken out and the neighborhood is covered with graffiti...but it's still a reminder of what once was.

Watch the above video for a documentary on Boblo Island; see many old pictures and film clips...and even though it's legally in Canada, it's a great trip to Michigan's past.