Did you guess who used to live here during his teen years? It was Bob Seger.

Throughout his childhood, he and his family lived in a handful of homes.

Bob was born in Detroit at the Henry Ford Hospital in 1945 and his family moved to Ann Arbor on Packard Street when he was five. During his childhood through the teen years, they kept moving from place-to-place.

The Seger family also lived on Wellington Court, Sheehan Street, White Street, Third Street, a few other places.....and Pauline Boulevard. The house in the photo above & below is the one on Pauline, where he lived while attending high school.

Proof? According to Bob himself, as posted in the October 30, 2011 edition of the Ann Arbor News, “I was playing on weekends in fraternity parties. I was working at the Brown Jug delivering pizza during the week, and I was also working at Wild’s Men’s Store. I’d get out early from school and work a co-op job, because we all had to work, my mother, my brother and I. That’s when we were living on Pauline, which is right by the U of M stadium”.

So you would probably be accurate in saying that while he lived in this house, he was honing his chops as a guitarist, performer, singer, and songwriter.

Take a look at the photos below for a brief insight into his youth, where he worked, where he hung out.....then read the Ann Arbor News article, where he goes into more detail as to why his family kept moving. CLICK HERE for the article.



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