I've been to this place before...very cool. However, the establishment is said to be haunted by a nice handful of spirits.

In the early 1900's it was called the Central Lake Hotel...years later as Murphy's Lamplight Inn --- now it's called The Blue Pelican Inn. It resides in Central Lake, built in the early 1900's, but it took another 50 years for owners and customers to begin seeing ghosts.

According to petoskeynews.com, before the 1950's, the Inn was first managed by a Mr. & Mrs. Gill. They eventually retired and moved away...but after Mr. Gill died, Mrs. Gill came back to live at the Inn and passed away in the early 1950's in her upstairs bedroom...it's that same room where people have seen her apparition looking out of her window looking down upon the surroundings...even though the window has been boarded up!

Not only has Mrs. Gill's spirit been seen, but owners and employees  - and customers alike - have witnessed the apparitions of a man and woman, dressed in clothes from the 1920's/1930's, appearing in various rooms and places in the Inn.

One customer witnessed the ghostly couple dancing together in the area that is now the bar, and to the side he claims to have seen the ghost of a little girl watching the dancing couple.

Another spirit that is said to walk the halls & rooms is that of the daughter of one of the former Inn managers. It seems she & her boyfriend/fiance' were preparing to elope; in classic "elopement" style, she was climbing down a ladder when she tripped on the long wedding gown and fell to her death. Nowadays, her ghost walks the hallway where she climbed out the window and is seen in other parts of the upstairs as well.

In the late 1970's, the new owner was upstairs painting in that same hallway when a woman --- dressed in what seemed like a white wedding gown --- ran by, going THROUGH a stack of boxes he had placed in the hall and into a bedroom. He went in the room after her, but there was NO ONE in the room but him...and there were NO alternatives doors or passageways...

Now that you've read the text, check out the photo gallery below...

NOW.....go pay an overnight visit yourself!!!
It's actually a very cool place...check out their website thebluepelicaninc.com.

The Blue Pelican is located at 2535 N Main St, Central Lake, Mi.

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