You might not have been thinking about blood donations at a time like this, but the Red Cross certainly is and will even offer an incentive. The Red Cross Blood Donation Center has been open during much of the pandemic, and now they are looking for blood donations from patients that survived COIVD-19.

The reasons behind wanting the donation are that they can study the antibodies in that person's blood. Also, there has been a plasma shortage due to the pandemic and these donations will be helpful. The Red Cross also said this about these donations and their importance:

“Convalescent plasma is plasma that is collected from patients who have recovered from an infection and have antibodies that might help fight that infection – in this case, those who have fully recovered from COVID-19. With each donation, COVID-19 survivors have a unique ability to help up to three patients recover from the virus.”

Along with helping the fight against the coronavirus, they are also offering an Amazon gift card to people that have survived COVID-19 and donated blood.

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