In St. Clair County, in Clyde Township, is a road that many feel is haunted. The road in question is a mile-long road named Shoefelt. If you're heading north on Vincent Road, turn left on Shoefelt, and a mile down is a dead-end...possibly in more ways than one.

To have a chance to experience what others already have, you need to go there at Midnight on a Friday night. As you travel down this dirt road, you pass by a handful of homes...but after a half mile, the homes are're in the woods and on your own. At the very end of the road is a turn-around. You can park there, and if you're brave enough, get out of the car.

I don't advise walking through the woods, but that's up to you. But if you just stand and wait awhile, you may hear the sound of a hunter's shotgun within the dark woods that you would be facing. The legend says there was an old man who used to go hunting in these woods. After he passed away, he somehow remained. When people visit his favorite old hunting grounds, something within the woods does its best to scare them away. You'll hear a shotgun a few times...if that doesn't work, you'll hear a disembodied voice surrounding your vehicle and yelling, hoping you'll get the idea and get outta there. It's said, the old man's apparition will circle your car.

So far, no one has summoned up the courage to walk through the woods after midnight all the way to Black River. This is where a lot of the old man's hunting was done, being a water source for animals.

I don't know if there are any 'no trespassing' signs around or not...I guess you'll have to find out for yourself. Either way, be respectful of the land and properties if you do attempt to investigate or visit. Get permission if there are any personal property signs.

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